How can I get a twitter widget to automatically loop and scroll my last few tweets? Example inside


basically what the questions says. I’ve noticed this site does it I looked into the source code, but can’t tell how they’re pulling the tweets. Can someone help me?


bump. Does anyone know the answer? It seems like people just passed on and answered other questions. If nobody know anything about how to do this can somebody at least say so, so that at least I know someone read this.


i just what to know why i cant accpet my followers on twitter>


Hello, are you still looking for the code?
Did you figure it out? If yes, please share
I did find something similar, Not sure if it’ll be of help at all
If your using Joomla, there is a module called twitter roll. there might be more but you can find the module here

If you are using Wordpress, there is an widget called Twitter search smooth scrolling
can be found with the link

The developers have taken time on their websites to explain the codes step by step.

I’m currently using wordpess and so im using the widget… Its very good, you have the option to make the auto scroll fast or slow. The only downside yet is there is no option for colour choices or size and twitter avatar.
However, im sure the colour and size can be tweaked on the html/css setting of the widget on wordpress. I’m using the default and increased the scroll speed.

I have left a message for the developer with request for those extra features hopefully the next version will have that.

Cheers :slight_smile: