How can i get a twitter widget id



how can i get a twitter widget id. It was under the gear > settings and I could then get it from the embed code, also it would appear in the url. How can I get this widget id now? I don’t want to use the default embed. thanks


You no longer need a widget ID for a user, list, likes, or collection timeline. You may input a Twitter URL on, customize, and generate HTML.


But I need to use twitterfetcher for this project, so I want to do it this way. Is it possible to get that id? I have a number of sites that relate that are just fetching the recent tweet and I want to continue this same way. Thanks


Hi I also need the widget ID for the widget embedded in my footer. I had to deactivate my widget due to a tech issue recently and now cannot get my widget to work again. I have the html code but I just need the ID please. Thanks.


What type of content are you trying to embed? Is the widget ID a requirement of a form in your CMS? Which software is requiring a widget ID parameter?


I have the same issue. I’m trying to embed twitter timeline into react site. All react plugins for embeding twitter timeline require widget-id. The text snippet from widget creator is not working (it’s showing only link to twitter profile).


I have same issue too…need widget id for a recent tweets slider plugin


I am using twitterfetcher.js that just grabs the latest tweet and allows complete control of the presentation on my site, my own css is all that’s used. My other sites that already have their twitter ids are still working so this functionality has not stopped, the ids are still valid, but I cannot get the id for the new site that I’m working on now. How can I get the id?


If you are using a third-party tool with a required widget ID parameter you should contact the tool developer through their support channels and ask for an update.


Can Twitter not make the widget ID option available as well? I can no longer show the feed on my site.
It seems there are a number of developers that all rely on this function. Asking everyone to contact their respective widget developers to request an update isn’t a great solution to a problem caused by Twitter.


What kind of feed are you trying to show? We’ve released our new portal for making it much easier to generate embedded timelines.


I also need a way of generating a Twitter widget ID.

While I appreciate you have created a new publish tool that makes it easier to embed timelines, people like to have different design options.

So instead of skirting around the issue by asking developers to update their software and promoting your new publishing tool, please can you tell us the new way of getting the widget ID.

Thanks very much in advance.


Haha, you guys are ON the moderation of posts with a QUICKNESS.

Please give us access to the twitter widget id.

Pretty pretty please :slight_smile:

There are hundreds if not thousands of scripts that rely on the twitter widget id.

Has the accessibility to this parameter been removed?



What if we want to use a custom script that has nifty functionality and a great look, but is no longer supported by a developer who has moved on?? Are we SOOL?


I am having exactly the same problems as those above. We have a set template on our CMS and it only allows for Twitter ID and not html embedding. Is it now impossible to obtain an ID number?


I’m in the same boat, folks. I’m using the Spacious theme for WordPress, and its built-in Twitter widget uses a widget-id. I’d rather not have to find new widgets or plugins when perfectly good ones are already installed.

I’ll ask ThemeGrill to do something, but it’s strange that Twitter would take away the id when so many things rely on them.


Hi everyone. @andypiper here, from the @TwitterDev team.

You can at the moment still create search timelines which will result in a widget ID. For the rest, inside the widget settings on your profile page, you’ll find that we’ve moved to a new “no configuration” model, which means that it is possible to use our portal to retrieve the simple embed code you need for collections, user timelines, etc. We are also in the process of moving all of our web embed properties to the publish portal, e.g. buttons etc.

The new model means that there are no “widgets” as such any more - so there are no IDs.

In the past couple of months we’ve rolled out more changes, and it is possible that plugin and other developers should be looking at our oEmbed support for timelines to pull in the data that they were previously picking up the widget ID.

We believe that for the vast majority of use cases and publishers embedding Twitter content, this is a simpler and better experience. We absolutely do hear you if you’re using an alternative third-party solution, and we apologise for the disruption as third parties move over to our newer system. We would love to hear from you about the specific plugins or systems you are using that this disrupts, so that (where possible) we can identify and work with developers to make this better.


I tried Search but it’s not ideal and I can’t believe you guys would just cut everyone off from their existing feeds!

It’ll be months before some of these plugins are updated if ever.

Twitter should have made it possible to use both methods and even your documentation shows old method.


So which plugin are you using?


I’m using twitter-post-fetcher which is what the original poster was using as well. It’s a super simple way of getting an unstyled list of tweets:

It requires the data-widget-id. Please give us it back. A lot of plugins require the same information and I doubt too many of them are going to get updated. If you’re not going to give the id back, how about some simple code to just get an ordered list of tweets that we can manipulate any way we want.