How can I get a count of specific topic?


Hi, I am a newbie in Twitter APIs. Now I get a project that I need to get a count number of specific topic, such as comment count or re-twitter count. Somebody can share with me solutions? Really appreciate for that.


Hey, welcome! What do you mean by “specific topic”?


I mean, how can I get the amount number of comments or re-twitters for one topic (such as #2015NewYear). I need this number to analyze which topic is hot topic. :slight_smile:


This is not possible. If you want to get the Hot Topics, you can use the trend REST API Endpoint:

  • /trends/closest: Get nearby locations where Twitter has trending topic informations for
  • /trends/available: Get all locations where Twitter has trending topic informations for
  • /trends/place: Get the 10 hottest trending topics for a location (see the endpoints above for how to get a location id)


You might misunderstand me, I just want to pay attention to my own topic.

As your mean, the following thing is impossible?

If I initiated two topics(#2015NewYear and #2015Xmas), I want to set up a web program to count their comments or re-twitter amount and evaluate which ones is more popular.

Or, do you have another way to resolve this situation.


There is no straightforward way to do this.
The best way currently is to use the streaming API:

You can use the statuses/filter endpoint to set a filter for your topics (we call these “hashtags”) using the track parameter (for your example you would need to set it to track=%232015NewYear%2C%232015Xmax) and count the results, inspecting the entities hashtag object to see to which keyword it matched and increment a counter.


OK, Thanks a lot.