How can I find TAP Line Items/Campaigns


Hi all,

I want to find which of my Line Items (or even better, Campaigns) is a TAP Line Item.

“placements”: [

for both TAP and Twitter Line Items.

What differentiates TAP Line Items?



Hi, @AlonDvirPlus500. Line items with placement on the Twitter Audience Platform when calling the GET accounts/:account_id/line_items endpoint would have the following value:

"placements": [

You can see a list of the available placement enums in the Ads Enumeration page of our documentation.

Hope this helps!


Hi @juanshishido, thanks for you reply!

However, it doesn’t fully answeres my problem.
I’ve checked the issue thoroughly, and found that calling
GET accounts/:account_id/line_items
"placements": [

only if the line item’s placements are all of (as seen in the Excel report downloaded through
which, when all 4 TAP_… combined together, results in the placement: AUDIENCE_PLATFORM;

In other words, line items that have only some of the 4 TAP_… placements:

  1. will not return
    "placements": [
    upon calling GET accounts/:account_id/line_items

  2. will have relevant stats (not all nulls) when calling
    GET /1/stats/accounts/:account_id?placement=PUBLISHER_NETWORK&:[all other required parameters]

Is there a way of knowing which line items have PUBLISHER_NETWORK stats without calling GET /1/stats/accounts/:account_id twice for each one?



@AlonDvirPlus500: Could you please provide examples—request and response bodies—of line items with ALL_ON_TWITTER placement that return non-null values when calling the GET /1/stats/accounts/:account_id endpoint with placement=PUBLISHER_NETWORK? Thanks.


@juanshishido, no problem!

twurl -H “/1/accounts/18ce548kwga/line_items/5H6YN” | jq

twurl -H “/1/stats/accounts/18ce548kwga?entity_ids=5H6YN&entity=LINE_ITEM&start_time=2016-09-01T00:00:00Z&end_time=2016-09-02T00:00:00Z&granularity=TOTAL&metric_groups=ENGAGEMENT,BILLING&placement=PUBLISHER_NETWORK&count=1000” | jq



Hi @juanshishido,

Is there anything new regarding this issue?



Not yet, @AlonDvirPlus500. Apologies for the delay.


Hi @juanshishido,

Sorry for nagging, but I’d like to know if any solution is expected soon, or should I develop a workaround using my system data?



@AlonDvirPlus500: Thanks for the follow up. Prioritizing this today.

One additional follow up question that might help us pin this down: was this created via the Twitter UI by chance?


@juanshishido, thanks for the quick response!

Indeed, it was created via the Twitter UI.


@AlonDvirPlus500: That’s helpful to know. Thanks!

We’ll keep digging into this today and will follow up with what we find. This may be a bug, though, so a solution, if it is, will take some additional time.


@juanshishido, I suppose that [quote=“juanshishido, post:11, topic:74332”]
some additional time

means weeks to months (and not a matter of up to 15 days). Does that sound correct?

If so, I’ll start preparing the workaround.



@AlonDvirPlus500: Really appreciate all of the information you’ve provided here, especially around the four TAP_* placements and the fact that all of them need to be set in order to see PUBLISHER_NETWORK. This is a high-quality bug report.

This is indeed a bug and we’ll start work on this soon. The time frame for this should be weeks, not months. The goal is to have a fix deployed by the end of October. Hope this timing works for you.




Where should I check to see when the bug is fixed?



@AlonDvirPlus500: Once this is fixed, we’ll post the update here.


@AlonDvirPlus500: We are testing our code updates now. Plan to deploy in the next few days.


@AlonDvirPlus500: We’ve made some improvements and are close to deploying. Will update you as soon as our fix is in production.


@AlonDvirPlus500: Thanks again for bringing this to our attention! We’ve deployed a fix for this issue. Details here: Granular TAP placements now available.

For line item 5h6yn, you will now see:

  "request": {
    "params": {
      "line_item_id": "5h6yn",
      "account_id": "18ce548kwga"
  "data_type": "line_item",
  "data": {
    "placements": [