How can i find email id from user id


I have my user id.
I want to find the email id associated with that userid.

How can i do that





I have my company’s twitter user id but I forgotten email address to recover password of that account how I can recover it?


i make Login authentication fo twitter to post i need to save logged in user’s email address in databse how can i get e-mai id?


ask them for it and then store it to database it’s not available via the api.


Email address cannot provide by twitter api so you can not get email address.


so i can not identify their eMail address, even they stored in public mode? Like Facebook when then give public permission then who ever can check their mail id. But in Twitter i couldn’t find anywhere… if anybody help me to find email id using their Twitter user id? it would helps me lot. Thank you.


If a user is logging in to your app using OAuth you can request to have your app whitelisted for access to their email address. You cannot simply map a username to an email address without that login step.

This is documented for iOS, Android and Web applications.