How can I extract all the retweets



How can I extract all the retweets from this tweet

Twitter does not give me any data. Do you have a limit for tweeting?

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Generally, REST API statuses/retweets/:id only gives you the most recent 100 retweets. Using the retweets_of_status_id:1078373176634208256 filter is only available in PowerTrack but you can use the Premium / Sandbox API retweets_of:Katie44907025 and filter out the ones you don’t need yourself.


Yes, it’s true, 100 is the maximum number of retweets.
The retweets I take with the text of the tweet and the text of this tweet there is no way to get the data from users who have retweeted. Is there a limit?
In this case, nothing comes out with the search for the text “Sorry to the boy at McDonald’s”
It’s very strange.


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