How can I display a search box that shows when people tweet my link?


Hi, I have a news website ( and i’d like to include Twitter reactions on every article. How can I implement this? Basically, any tweet that mentions my link should be shown on the timeline that I want.



Hi Viva,

Check out our Search timeline: (See the section on Search and #hashtag).

Search on twitter for your url (you can also use the advanced search for better searches: In the search results, click on the cog icon and select “embed this search”.

See this screenshot:

Hope this helps


Hi indianburguer. Thank you very much for your reply but what I need is dynamic. I have a php function that gets me the current URL for every news article. But when I insert it in the form, it doesn’t work dynamically

I observed that it worked for one article (article A), and for every other one (articles a, b, c) it returned the search results of the first article (article a).

How can I setup the code so that it will recognize the PHP query and it will show a different result on every article page?

Article 1: Oil price raises $5
Twitter widget: show any tweets that have link to article 1
Article 2: car crash kills 3 people
Twitter widget: show any tweets that have link to article 2

So with one function, every page shows a different set of reactions


This is what i want to try but won’t work: (Being that curPageURL() is a function that returns the current URL):

Tweets sobre “@vivamovilcl”

It only does the job one time, but for every other link, it will always show the same first result.