How can I disable custom navigation bar on SFSafariViewController?



I am using version 2.4.0 of the TwitterKit SDK (installation by CocoaPods) and I am using the following for Twitter login:

Twitter.sharedInstance().logInWithViewController(viewController, methods: .WebBased) { …

The SFSafariViewController is presented with what looks like a custom navigation bar. However, this custom bar and that “Cancel” button seems irrelevant on my app. I would prefer the default navigation bar with “Done” button, address bar and reload button for the SFSafariViewController. Facebook Login Manager just displays the Safari View Controller in its default form, as I describe.

Is there a way to remove that custom navigation bar that comes on top of the SFSafariViewController? If there is, I would be glad to know about it.



Hey @alikayhann,

Currently this isn’t disable-able, but I will let the team know that you’d like to see that as an option. Really appreciate your thoughts on it!