How can i create my Twitter own cards?


Hi Team,

How to get verified my account for creating own twitter cards ?
validation process is done “” success fully here .and i got message like “* is whitelisted for summary_large_image card”

i want to create cards like the above video

Please help me get twitter cards creation


If your link is working in the validator, you should already be able to share it in Tweets in order to see your cards.


but i didn’t find any option to create cards in my account


Process is done but how to create like the below one


What kind of cards are you trying to create?

Summary Large Image cards are documented on the developer site.

Website cards (which the video shows about 3 minutes in) are created under and are an Ads product - not something we can help you with on the developer forums.


My present account displays like this , i don’t find any tab to create cards Creatives

How to get like this creatives tab


tell me the process how to get it


i want to create like this below image


For help with Twitter Ads products, please use the Help link located at the top right corner of the Ads dashboard.


@andypiper thank you