How can I create an app without mobile number?



We do not have a mobile number we can use for twitter. It’s not a personal account!
How can I create an app without mobile #?

How to create with German mobile phone a API key?

Can someone please help us.


We’d highly encourage you to associate a number with your account so that you can strengthen the security of your logins using e.g. 2FA, but understand that not everyone is able to do so.

If you are unable to use an alternative means of adding a number (such as using a Twilio number or Google Voice, which are common workarounds used by others), and there are no mobile numbers you can use, then this is a bit tricky.

You can raise a ticket with our Platform Support team (use the last option) and see if they are able to help. I don’t believe there are any plans to change the requirement at the present time.


How many phone numbers am I suppose to get then? Just looking over my main projects, I have about a dozen twitter accounts for distinctive purposes, each with social profiles which are used for different reasons.
Example: local women in tech group, berlin startup community, several distinctive blogs with different audiences - and this is just without looking further.

In order to use the social plugins f.e. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress it is required to have an app to have a proper integration. Am I now supposed to get 12 phone numbers, install each of them on my phone, get the verification code, confirm and then hope to never get a message there, since those will be lying in my drawer?

I understand the benefits of having a phone number and having a way to tie it together - but this way I will NOT register several phone number but just reject any usage of API behaviour aka not use any of the benefits. In this case: manually maybe sometimes update the follower counter.