How can I create a twitter stream with a user + hashtag filter?



On a website: I want to display tweets from a specific user - but only those to which the user has added a specific hashtag. How/where do I add this double criteria?

Wishlist: I would also prefer the stream to display rolling tweets (one at a time) with a smooth transition. I would find it easier if the widget styling could be inherited from my website css rather than inherited from twitter.

How/where can I enable this level of control?

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Thanks for your message. Regarding the first request, please use to create a query. On the results page, click the cog in the upper right corner, and select “Embed Results.” From there you can create an Embedded Timeline with these results.


There is no longer a cog with this function on the Advanced Search page. The cog is specific to the user’s settings. Can this still be done?