How can I change the profile picture with anywhere?


I’m using anywhere for an app that must allow the users to change their profile picture. As far as I know, the anywhere T object does not include a default connection with POST account/update_profile_image, so I tried to sent a custom post request, but it says that the “Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin”. I know it can be done with server-side authentication, but: Is there a way to do it with anywhere?

Thanks a lot.


Hi @sadasant,

As you’ve discovered, @Anywhere doesn’t support image uploads/profile image uploads. This is currently only supported through server-to-server integrations.


:frowning: ok, thanks.


What about a plugin to the anywhere api? I’m reading the api.bundle.js and I think something like this should work:

(function () { var B = twttr.anywhere.api.util.chainableMethod; var C = twttr.anywhere.api.util.aliasMethod; var A = twttr.anywhere.api.util.callMethod; twttr.anywhere.api.util.model("twttr.anywhere.api.models.ProfileImage").belongsTo("User").statics({ send: B("ProfileImage", function (I) { A({ url: "update_profile_image", params: [{ image: I }], dataSource: ["profile_image"] }) }) }); }());

Any clues?


Or, I know how to confirm the user on the server with the twitter_anywhere_identity, is there a way to obtain the oauth privileges with this so I could upload the profile image?

edit: I’ve read about oauth_bridge_code, does it still working?


We don’t support using the underlying JSAPI that powers @Anywhere. I wouldn’t recommend this approach.


The oauth_bridge_code approach was never officially supported and has been removed. Server-based OAuth is really the best way to accomplish these goals.


Ok thank you :slight_smile:


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