How can I apply for a high POST limit?



The other day, the rate limit of the new POST limit was finally reached.

Our application is a service to reply mentions to those who retweet.

The other day, when we used our app for clients, we received over 300 retweets in 3 hours, so an event occurred that we could not return mentions. I would like to prevent this from happening again.

After looking at this announcement, I tried to apply for elevated POST limits.

Unfortunately the option I would like to apply for elevated POST limits was not there.

Therefore, I have submitted an application for limit of POST using “I have a technical question about the Twitter API”.

But there was no reply.
Where should I apply for this application?

Please Help our.


I just applied a permission to your account so that you can see the proper option with the form:

Please use this option and apply again.



Thank you very much. I was able to fill out and submit the form from the appropriate options.


I filled out the form from the appropriate options and submitted it, but I have not received a reply yet.

Could you tell me about the progress on this?

The customer is in trouble. Please help us.