How can I allow users to post tweets from my PHP application?


I’m trying to allow users of my web application to tweet using their twitter account from my application e.g. They post something in my application and if they have a button selected it also posts to twitter. I have no idea where to really start as I haven’t done any API work in the past but I’ve read abrahams twitteroauth PHP library is what I want to use. I’ve done the following and I just get the error message : “Could not connect to Twitter. Refresh the page or try again later.”

  • Downloaded the library from github
  • Created twitter folder in my application folder and copied downloaded folders into it
  • Re-named config file to config.php. Changed the consumer and secret key to the API keys twitter game me when I created my application on the dev website
  • Changed the oauthcallback to

Is there something else I need to change?


surely someone here has used the twitter API to post a tweet?!