How can I add a "sign in with twitter" on my website?


I am trying to add sign in with twitter where twitter members can log into our website using their twitter account. I read the section “sign in twitter” on the twitter developers page but was left confused. Another site that had offered their coding was out dated. I am new to twitter so I have no idea where to look. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


you will first need to register your website here:

Then you will need to create your system to work with the twitter API (optionally with one of the offered twitter API Library’s)


script ?


@yusuke has a greate example using Twitter4j:


Can anybody has demo project for this in MVC or in ASP.Net? I need you help. Please send me if you have or give me a link from where I can download it.



test for sping


I also did now find the code, can anybody give me a code please


Some tips and demo with sample code for Twitter Login:

Thanks to Twitter4j and their samples!


i cant get normal page it goes to a narrow page for mobile but i dont have a mob how i get back


can i do same thing using javascript?




how can i add twitter login to blogger


once i get the twitter callback response from child window , it goes to server and then i get user details… how can i close the window after saving user details on server side?


Things were smoother with @Anywhere


Please Give sample code




how to register using social connection in