How can an open source application comply with 1.F.5.a?



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A Twitter staff member recommended that if an application using the Twitter API is distributed as free software (also called open source software) in source code form, the application must not contain an API key. Instead, it should instruct each user who builds and uses the application to procure his or her own API key. However, as I understand it, a user of an open-source application must be 18+ (not 13 to 17) and must add a mobile phone (not a land line) to his or her Twitter account. Do I understand correctly?

In addition, I fail to understand how each user registering his or her own copy of the application complies with the policy against “multiple application API keys for the same use case”. In the linked page, yoyoel wrote “Any Twitter account associated with duplicative applications may be subject to enforcement action, including suspension.” To what extent would such enforcement action apply against an end user who registers as a developer in order to obtain an API key with which to use an application distributed as free software?


I wasn’t aware of age restrictions for the Twitter API - no idea about that, but as for “multiple apps for the same purpose”: a similar thing happened to this project where some apps got suspended as it appeared that they were “for the same purpose” but then reinstated, as they’re clearly operated by different people / institutions.

As I understand it, the rules apply to you, individually (or to your company / org): it’s a problem if you yourself register multiple Apps, lets say for example, for running 2 instances of the same thing - this would be breaking that rule, as far as i understand it.

But it’s fine to be a separate person running a copy of some open source project with their own keys. eg: something like

As long as you don’t share your keys (or downloaded data) you’re fine.

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