How best to use since_id in a search


Hi there,

I’m trying to use the since_id in my node.js server API. However, as since_id uses a 64-bit integer, and JavaScript only supports up to 53-bit integers, what is the advised why to pass a correct integer value as the since_id parameter?

To give a specific example, I have a tweet with id_str 394276522812387328 and id 394276522812387300. It just so happens that if I try to set since_id to 394276522812387328, it rounds it down to 394276522812387300 as well, which means that the tweet in question still gets displayed.


I’m using the mtwitter library to handle the OAuth interactions, if that makes a difference.


Treat all the identifiers as strings instead of integers… When you’re building your new Search API urls, build them where the value you’re providing as since_id is a string containing an integer, rather than an integer itself.