How a website can post (tweet) on twitter


I have a question about how a website can post (tweet) on twitter as a user, i mean let the user authenticate the first time on twitter auth popup
than save his access token on DB and tweet on twitter each time time the user post on my website

I have read the twitter api documentation and satrt implementing the twitter @Anywhere, but i don’t know haw the get the access token with twitter js.

If anybody have any idea or example, welcome



sorry, i dont’t understand !!


i also don’t know how a website can post (tweet) on twitter.
how’s know??
please help me??


i don’t have idea…
i also did’nt know


You want to build a server-to-server integration for this kind of persistence, using OAuth 1.0A and the REST API and a server-side language like Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and so on. As you’ve noted, @Anywhere’s client-side implementation is best suited for non-persistent connections.


with @Anywhere, i can’t get the user access token and persist it in base ??


How to post tweets in twitter with the use of oauth