How a card is related to campaign?



I’m trying REST api of twitter ads.

  1. Created a campaing
  2. Created line item that is related to that campaign.
  3. Now I’d like to create card to promote (e.g article for website clicks) - but I can’t really understand from the API - how to connect the card to wither campaign or line up…which field is the key here?

in the documentation - you can connect the card to account_id…seems quite general - how to connect it to line items?


@flamingLamb1 This is answered here: How to associate a card to a tweets


thanks. I guess I’m missing something. I’m not promoting tweets (at least this is how I think of it) - I’d like to promote some article with no text of mine - as if I just dropped the url in my user and my followers gets the card in their feed. So, how exactly Tweet object is related?

Isn’t it the involvement of Campaign, Line Item, Card? or I’m actually do create tweet here and send it to the ads api?


@flamingLamb1, The card is nothing but a part of the tweet. You can’t promote a card within a line item. You can promote a tweet with a card in a line item.