Hourly stats returned from api not maching with ads.twiiter.com?



I am fetching hourly stats using api

but stats returned from api is not matching with those in ads.twitter.com

I though its timezone issue but i tryed with start_time and end_time I am using account_timezoen format and also tryed with utc-0.

what things should be taken care so that those values will same as there in UI.



Hi @idreaminfinite,

If you go to Analytics

You can read:


As soon as stats are available, you are able to retrieve them. The feedback on stats is real-time. These early results are estimates, the stats are finalized after 24 hours, except for spend metrics. Keep in mind that the API rate limit window is 1 minute long, and too-frequent requests against the stats API endpoints will trigger the rate limit. Partners should detect rate limiting and wait for rate limit windows to reset before retrying queries that were throttled.

Billed versus Estimates

The BILLINGmetrics group provides a real-time view into the estimated cost of a campaign. After three days, the official billed result will be available through the BILLING metric group’s billed_charge_local_micro and billed_engagements.

All billing stats are generally final within 3 days of the event (~99%), however we do process some spam filtering for up to 14 days from the date of the event.

So, what you’re getting its quite normal :smiley:



Thanks @hector_borras for reply.

I understood that early stats are estimates so at ads.twitter.com UI those are also estimates.

so response from api for hourly should match stats from ads.twitter UI correct?atleast it should be close to it?


Should be close, but only match after 24h for general and 3days for billing

Also, I should say I saw discrepancies between impressions after 4 or 5 days but a really infimum level (XX.XXX.X45 vs XX.XXX.X26) something like this.

Hopefully this could help you!


Thanks @hector_borras

Are you fetching stat on hourly level or daily level?
and you are fetching it on campaign level or lineitems level?



Well, in my case I only use LineItem Level and promoted Tweets Level (as best practices recommend) For promoted Tweets I use hourly level and for LineItem daily