HomeTimeline on website



I’d like to see my hometimeline in my website, without autenticate from user.
For example: The user access the with and it can see the hometimeline, but it can’t post or change anything. It just can see!

The informations to autenticate will be inside code.

It is possible?




From the perspective of pure code, yes this is possible. But you can’t necessarily show your home_timeline on a public site that other users will have access to – that’s your home_timeline and it’s specific to your perspective: the users you follow, whether those users are protected or not, and so on. To show your own home_timeline to others without the proper filtering puts in particular any protected users you follow at risk.


I agree… In my case, is a news website. The hometimeline will be available to some restricted users. These users will see the hometimeline just to know the news.
How can I automaticly autenticate?


In this situation it’s better to use a Twitter List that contains the public news accounts you are interest in sharing. Lists can be private and publicly viewable, and can be used with Twitter Widget without the need for authentication.


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