homeTimeline does not do anything



I am in the process of writing a mobile app which makes use of the Twitter/Fabric SDK. While logging in is not a problem, it seems that I can’t use an existing TwitterSession with the StatusesService.

Here’s what I have (s_timeline.m_session is a “global” storage for a TwitterSession):

s_timeline.m_session = Twitter.getSessionManager().getActiveSession();
if (!s_timeline.m_session.getUserName().isEmpty()) {
    Log.i("tweet", s_timeline.m_session.getUserName());
    // echoes the correct user name!

    TwitterAuthToken authToken = s_timeline.m_session.getAuthToken();
    s_auth = new TwitterAuthToken(authToken.token, authToken.secret);

StatusesService statusesService = Twitter.getApiClient().getStatusesService();
statusesService.homeTimeline(1, null, null, true, null, null, null, new Callback<List<Tweet>>() {

    public void success(Result<List<Tweet>> result) {
        List<Tweet> tweets = result.data;

        Log.i("tweet", "success(): " + s_timeline.getTweet());

    public void failure(TwitterException e) {
        Log.i("tweet", "wtf? " + e.getMessage());

String latestTweet = s_timeline.getTweet();

The String is never filled, neither success nor failure are ever called. What do I do wrong?

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