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I need to have timeline as user can see only one element per page and moves up/down by swiping or
tapping particular buttons.

I gess it’s like a vertical ViewPager.

Is it possible to do this or some other way?

I’ve found only as at link below or same slide tabwidget to top with viewpager https://github.com/JSafaiyeh/Fabric-Example-App-Android


You may use any vertical View Pager. I found this one https://github.com/yrulee/VerticalViewPagerSample

and this docs show how get tweet by id (long) https://docs.fabric.io/android/twitter/show-tweets.html

it’s exactly what I need

final List<Long> tweetIds = Arrays.asList(510908133917487104L);
TweetUtils.loadTweet(tweetId, new Callback<Tweet>() {
    public void success(Result<Tweet> result) {
        mTweetLayout.addView(new TweetView(getActivity(), result.data));

    public void failure(TwitterException exception) {
        Log.e(TAG, "Sign in failure", exception);

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