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I am trying to add a feature to a client website. They want to display the timeline they see when they log in to twitter on their website. I see through the API I can call https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1/get/statuses/home_timeline but this requires authentication. They are wanting to do this on their intranet site and I am not sure about the authentication side of things when each intranet user logs in

Is there a way to do this without authentication, I noticed that if I am not logged in I can see my home timeline by going to http://twitter.com/chrisjdoig/#/following/tweets


Not possible to do without authentication, but luckily all you need to do is obtain an access key for their account, not the accounts of anyone visiting the site. If their account “owns” the appropriate Twitter application on dev.twitter.com, you can generate keys directly in the application settings page.

Then the only thing to do is use the application’s consumer key+secret, and the generated access key+secret to send signed requests to the API. Most good client libraries make it pretty easy to do this.

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