Home timeline 404 error



I am getting response code 404 when trying to get this URL:


I checked out, and tweet with this ID exist (not deleted or something like that) and user is not suspended…

Where is the problem?



Verify that you’re using a versioned endpoint – /statuses/home_timeline.json isn’t valid on api.twitter.com but /1.1/statuses/home_timeline.json and /1/statuses/home_timeline.json is.


Yes, of course I am using 1.1 version… and still same results


Looks like I’m getting results with /1/statuses/home_timeline.json, but, not with /1.1/statuses/home_timeline.json (404 in this instance). I am submitting the request using TWRequest on iOS (Simulator)

edited type on 1.1 versioned url - statuses_ should have been statuses/