HMTL Banner are not working in Mopub SDK ios



Im getting an error from an file from the Mopub SDK. I’m wondering why Im getting this error because HTMLBannerCustomEvent is an file in the SDK. Any Suggestions??

MOPUB: Banner ad view is fetching ad network type: html
2018-02-09 00:00:47.076999-0600 CertifiedMixtapez[1919:1497755] MOPUB: Looking for custom event class named MPHTMLBannerCustomEvent.
2018-02-09 00:00:47.077117-0600 CertifiedMixtapez[1919:1497755] MOPUB: **** Custom Event Class: MPHTMLBannerCustomEvent does not extend MPBannerCustomEvent ****


This might be an integration issue. Can you please reach out to to help troubleshoot this further. Please include the ad unit ID and full logs where you’re receiving this error.