Hmmm... empty timeline, that's weird


I created a widget to display a search timeline on my website. On the site, I’m getting the message “Empty timeline, that’s weird”. There’s a link to search for tweets, and when I click there, I can see the correct tweets. How can I get this to display on my site. It’s a new hashtag, is that the reason? Is there a minimum number of tweets needed to display. Thanks for any help. I’m new at this. I’m hoping to get users of my site to retweet relevant tweets using this hashtag to generate new info on the site’s homepage.


The embedded search timeline displays a sampling of recent Tweets: from the last 7 days or so. If you so not see results in’s live search tab from the past 7 days you should not expect to see results in the embedded search timeline.


I do see results in’s live search. They are just not populating the embedded search timeline.


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