Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird



We have created Hashtag Search Widget for following hashtags (Each one a separate widget). But we are not seeing any tweets on our website as well within the Twitter Preview section where we create the widget. We do have tweets which are less than 7 days old.

Widget on website is NOT showing any tweet although tweets are present.

Widget NOT showing any tweet.

Widget NOT showing any tweet.

Widget showing only one tweet while there are more within the 7 days period.

Could you please throw some pointers as to what might be the issue with these widgets?

Thank you.


The Search API (which these widgets are based on) is not guaranteed to be based on a complete index of Tweets. This is part of the search API documentation. Low-quality results, very new accounts, or other issues, may prevent some Tweets from being indexed.

If you require specific results to appear in an embedded timeline I would recommend that you consider a Collection timeline, and curating the results using e.g. TweetDeck.


I tested it too and there are no results even there are already 3 Tweets at this time.
Like @andypiper already mentioned, it might be possible, that too less people requested a widget for this and this is why Twitter didn’t index it or didn’t refresh the index for this search.

Maybe you can get some more people to try this and also search for it on the Twitter search, maybe this will result in refreshing this search. It’s also possible that Twitter might not display any results for searches with less than an expected amount of results…


andypiper – Thank you for clarifying the Search API working concept and pointing to Collection timeline. We have finally decided to go with Collection timeline as if our understanding is correct then it still guarantees to always display some tweets.

xandruCea – Thank you for trying out and confirming our actions and also for inputs on how to try to make the Search Widget work if we really have to go with it.


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