Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird



So, I get the message “Hmm, an empty timeline. That’s weird.” when I embed the search widget for #YSEALIoceans, so I researched to see why. Based on previous posts, I understand that the widget will only search tweets up to 7 days old, but I’ve also embedded a search widget for #wcte16, which pulls tweets from months ago. Is this a bug or is the widget selective based on some parameters?


I’m surprised to hear that - one thing I wonder is whether the “months ago” Tweets on the other hashtag have recently been retweeted? It certainly should not be possible for this to work, since the search API shouldn’t return Tweets that are that old.


FWIW I just created a #wcte16 widget myself and it does not show Tweets before August 31.


If this helps, the #wcte16 search widget I’m referring to is here:


My working theory here is that the widget there has locally cached / or cached via settings the older Tweets. If you create fresh widgets they only have access to that 7 day history initially.


Okay, good to know. Thanks for troubleshooting Andy.


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