Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird



I embedded a hashtag search timeline to my website. Recently, I noticed that the timeline is empty.
After small search, I found that this timeline shows tweets from the past 7 days only.

My question is: There is a website that uses the hashtag search time and it previews tweets not only from the past 7 days, it is showing from the past year also.

How can I do it? tried to change the setting and use TweetDeck, but no hope.

Thanks in advance,


Twitter’s embedded search timelines do not support this (and will be retired soon anyway). Maybe the website you mention is using a collection timeline or a list or profile timeline. You don’t provide a link so we cannot easily comment.


Thank you for your reply. You can take a look at this website: [not relevant](http://not relevant)

They are showing tweets since November 2017.



It looks like those older Tweets have been retweeted, so I can only assume that is how they are able to be displayed. Again, note that embedded search timelines are due to be retired in July and will no longer render results from that point, so I’d suggest a collection or list timeline instead configured via


Thank you!!


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