"hmm an empty timeline. that's weird" in Twitter widget


I am getting “hmm an empty timeline. that’s weird.” message in my Twitter widget preview window for my account @domnarvet. If I change “username” to another user, it show we that users timeline correctly.
I reported this as a bug with this response

Hello @domnarvet,

Thanks for reaching out. We do not provide technical support through this helpdesk. We suggest that you check out our API documentation for technical information. Additionally, you may want to search through our Developer discussions. Our Developer Advocates regularly answer questions and share tips and best practices with our developer community here.

Twitter Platform Operations

So I guess this is some kind of feature. Do anyone have a clue how to solve this?


The specified Twitter account, domnarvet, has no Tweets and therefore nothing to currently display in a User Timeline.

Once you add a Tweet it should appear in the User Timeline widget.

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