Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird - 7 Days?




I’m hoping someone will be able to help me. I’ve created a widget to display the hashtag #natureconnections on my website. When displaying it shows the message: “Hmm, an empty timeline. That’s weird”.

I’ve looked around on other forums and on here and some people say it only shows posts that are newer than 7 days? Is this true? In which case, does that mean it starts on posts no older than 7 days? or does it delete a post when it gets 7 days old?

Is there any way to extend this time frame? I can’t seem to find any documentation from twitter on the time limit, just people talking in forums…

Any help would get massively appreciated :slight_smile:

Many thanks,



The timeline you’re using builds on top of the Search API, which can only fetch Tweets up to 7 days old. Therefore, if there are Tweets older than that, they will not show up in the timeline. There’s no way to extend this, as this is the way that the underlying platform serves up the Tweets. Nothing is “deleted”, but the widget can only show content within the most recent 7 day period.


Hi Andy, thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

I guess this is good for bigger campaigns which have thousands of users using the hashtag… Would you happen to know another solution for a Wordpress site? Perhaps one that shows a specific hashtag and I can choose the length?

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