Hitting the rate limit too fast for tweet embeds on my WordPress blog


I edit a blog (Slacktory) that often runs collections of tweets along a theme.

We often run a couple dozen tweets in one post. When this happens, the last few tweets often don’t turn into embeds. Instead they show up as tweet URLs (the same way that they’re entered into WordPress’s edit window).

It seems we’re running against the rate limit. This also means that even if all the tweets in a post properly embed, if I need to re-publish that post, the tweets might fail the second time.

How can I make sure I don’t run into this rate limit? The limit seems prohibitive to these posts, which seem like representative posts for many humor/aggregation blogs like BuzzFeed.

I really don’t want to switch to screencaps of tweets, since I love the functionality of the embeds, when they work.

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