Hits on shortened links?


Hola folks,

We’re building an integration that allows us to track the number of times someone clicks a link Twitter has shortened. Unfortunately, even when we publish the tweet on a private Twitter account, with no followers, in which no human has ever clicked the link, we’re seeing that from the moment we post the tweet, at least 3-5 clicks almost immediately happen. Obviously, this skews our data collection for the number of times someone is clicking a link. Might you shed some insight as to why this is happening, and if it’s predictable, we’d like to just minus-out your auto-clicks.

Is Twitter indexing links on private accounts? Maybe requiring a number of hits on the links to shorten them?



Do you get the IP address of the clicks? It could just be Google doing indexing or some other automated process.


Good question, I’ll need to grab those IPs. Right now its linking to a CRM service that’s tracking the number of clicks on the link, and when posting on a private (no followers) twitter account, we’re seeing a minimum of 3 clicks on the link within a few seconds of posting the link on the twitter account.

Time to look for some IP address sources.

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