Historical Data (Need atleast for 3 months)



I need twitter historical data minimum from last 3 months by using REST V1.1 API. I read in some other posts like twitter will provide historical data for only last 1 week even by using the SINCE in the request.

Is is correct? If yes, please let me know how to get the historical data for minimum of last 3 months?

If REST API doesn’t provide the data, is there any other approaches to get historical data
from last 3 month?

Thanks in advance. Quick response is appreciated.


This is correct - the Search API documentation makes this very clear.

The other option would be to use Gnip, which is a commercial offering with a full index of Twitter data.


@andypiper, Thanks a lot for quick response.

I’m looking for free sources where i can get the historical data. I dont want to go for GNIP commercial model.

Please let me know the other possible ways/approaches to get the historical data for past 3 months for free.


I’m not aware of any, I’m afraid.


Ok thanks a lot @andypiper for information.

Does any one know how to get the twitter historical data for past 3 months for free?


Data is not free in Sifter Application provided by Texifter. I am looking for the free source where i can get the twitter historical data.


I’m afraid that Twitter historical data beyond a seven day window provided by the Search API is not usually free (this is one reason why Gnip exists), so you may need to change your expectations of what is possible here. I’m going to close this thread as I’m afraid we are unable to help beyond the answer I’ve already provided.