Historical data available for Direct Messages in the REST API



Hi there,

currently, if anybody want’s to support Direct Messages in their application, it is limited by the amount of DM you can go to history to only 200 recent ones.

This is huge limitation.

Especially for use cases like social media analytics where you need to calculate metrics to the history. Or for customer support as well. Most of the larger brands can have several hundreds of new DM within minutes, so such limitation on the API side requires to call the API very frequently - but it will not fully remove the issue that the tool might miss some DM in case there is thousands of them within several minutes.

We are social media analytics company and there has been very frequent feedback from our clients to provide them with metrics about their customer service or to provide them with social customer care tool to respond to their clients.

Is there any plan on your side how to improve such limitation?

Thank you


There’s currently no plan to increase this historical on the DM API that I’m aware of, but this is a useful data point which I’ll pass along to the team. Thanks for the suggestion!