High traffic site - need to display latest 1 or 2 tweets



Hi All,

I am new to Tweeter APIs ,. We have a high traffic website(8000 users per hour) running on ASP.NET. On our home page we would like to display latest tweet (max 1 or 2) from our organizational tweet handle. Which is the best way to do this ? I checked about REST APIs , but it is mentioning about the limits / time etc, which will not work with our application. Our tweets may contain Images, Videos or regular texts. Please help me to achieve this. Thanks in advance.


Hi, did you read this page about embedded timelines ? https://dev.twitter.com/web/embedded-timelines
If i understood, this is what you are looking for. And there is no API so no rate limit, according to me.


If you find that the embedded timelines widget doesn’t provide enough flexibility, aesthetic or otherwise, what I’d recommend is adding code to your .NET solution to cache the response from the Twitter API for a minimum of 1 minute. If you aren’t already making these requests server side, there are many nuget packages out there that can be taken advantage of. One such one is Tweetinvi. We use this library in a .NET Core environment.


Just real quick - obviously the 1 minute rule should be changed to whatever accommodates your posting schedule. And if you have an admin interface, you could flush said cache. We have a similar strategy on our site due to multiple content authors and contributors that may write content that triggers a tweet.