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Hi, I’ve developed an app using Laravel and codebird-php to post tweets with images,videos and links, however, my boss told me to hide the url from the final tweet and leave only the card, I’ll show a couple of examples.

For example, in the above image is what I want to achieve, show a card but no the url that’s referring it.

On the other side, I’ve also seen tweets like this one:

Is it OK to think that Twitter for web automatically removes the url only if it’s the last thing in the message?

Also, is there some kind of parameter when posting a new tweet that I can use to send the url separately and achieve what is shown in the first image?

Thank you for your response.


There’s no parameter that will help you here. The display of the URL in the second case is indeed due to the location of the URL in the text status. Be aware that we sometimes experiment with different manners of displaying cards so it is difficult to guarantee that the URL will be hidden in specific cases, but in general I believe that if you have the URL with a card behind it at the end of the status, it will be hidden on the web at the moment.


Thank you so much for your answer. I have another question, if I post a link to some-site.com and I don’t like the thumbnail in the card, can I change it? If it’s possible, is there a parameter to do so? If not, was it possible before?

Thank you again.


Unless you’re in control of the websites code, you won’t be able to change it. Twitter uses meta tags from the site to render the card. You can view more here: https://dev.twitter.com/cards/overview


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