Hide timeline avatar and loop tweets on my websites


I really need to remove the avatar in the embeded timeline and make tweets loop like the good old twitterwidget.
How can I do this?
(how about restarting the good old API and stopping the new one?)

Thanx a lot

Jan Peter


+1 for removing the avatar, I can mostly live with the new widget and fit it into most of our sites, but in most cases the avatar looks awkward and it’s a waste of space, especially when it’s repeated in the timeline when it’s showing tweets only from me.


I like the widget-option!
But I too would like to be able to remove the avatar. I show only our own tweets on our website so the avatar (= logo) is (very) redundant.


I was also having similar issue: Removing avatars from the embedded timelines? Has anyfound found the solution yet?


I would also like to remove the avatar. We are using the widget on abc.com on a page that displays abc’s logo prominently. The widget then displays the abc logo for every item in the timeline. This looks redundant and it’s a significant waste of column width.

I have seen the developer display page, but it would seem that an exception would make sense for cases like the above. For example, when a widget only displays tweets for a single user, and that user is a “company-wide” user representing a specific *.com.


I really need the loop of tweets, since the change of the api puts out of order the plugins that I used, anyone knows how to do it?


Removing the avatar is currently not an option, but it’s a request we get a lot, thanks for asking. We do read these forums and take into account the real-world needs expressed here.

Obviously, we can not answer everybody, even if we would like to, but we just don’t have enough time.


I also need to remove the avatar in the timeline widget :wink:


Is this something that will happen quickly? It is destroying the aesthetics of my new website and given that this was poorly publicised to end users I only found out today that my Twitter feed had stopped working. Annoying! :frowning:


Absolutely terrible that a core feature that most devs request has been ignored. I need to take off avatars for similar reasons to those mentioned by many on here.


It would be greatly appreciated if the option to remove the avatar from the timeline would be implemented asap. Thx!





Am also want to remove my avatar from my twitter feeds… anybody help me.


thanks @froginthevalley
obviously this feature to hide/show avatar is something that hundreds of twitter fans want (I just spent 30 minutes searching the web to find this out). I understand that this feature is currently not an option but my question is why? What are the reasons for not having this as an optional feature?


@frogintevalley: Is there anyway to remove the posted picture in tweeter? It is so ugly to have all the avatars showing + the picture posted as tweet in the website. It is taking whole space.


Yup. This NEEDS to be an option. Since we’re not able to access the twitter feeds via JSON/javascript, the need to be able to sufficiently customize your proprietary widgets is extremely important.

Please make the option to remove the tweet avatar available.



Agree. I need to be able to remove the avatar so that the tweets can fit in the space I have available.

Also, I would really like some control over the font size for the timeline. Any chance of this happening?


The customisation options are inadequate and poor. Removing the avatar is a must for starters.


Also find it very odd there is no option to hide avatars on timelines that only show one user which is a very common use case on websites. For some reason it was many months before even the ability to limit the number of tweets was available so imagine it will be many more until the hide avatar option is available. The question is why so long?