Hi i have an app that uses up 350 api calls per hour for a single access token


is their a way in which I can recreate a token? for that same twitter account? and so on and so forth?



Can you be more descriptive about what you’re trying to do? I’m not sure I understand what your request is.


the app i’m creating talks to a single twitter account, it sends a status update for every status found by its followers, all accounts are private and the idea is to create an anonymous communication app, all messages pass through CSTweetBot. all users follow the Bot but each user is only followed by the bot.

so when i get close the limit is their a way in which i can re-create a key to continue sending messages to the Bots feed?



You’ll have to just operate within the confines of Twitter – in this case, when you get to the limit you’ll just need to wait until the limiting period is over.


Thats a shame, this project has some real scope, shame twitter doen’t have a higher API usage for educational purposes. Thanks for reply.


hey^^ i’m trying to send messages that are posted on my internal site to twitter. are you able to give me a tip to do that? i’m using php. greetings :wink:


Thats rather trivial to do, you will need oauth to sign into your account and post.




wow, thanx for the fast reply :wink:


I was just thinking, as Twitter apparently will be having a better business model this year, increasing their revenue through advertising? Would this mean that the restrictions on accounts could increase? This is probably to early to ask.