Hey, where did my Twitter app go?


I created a Twitter app a few weeks ago under the account @LoonReport
I’ve been using the Twitter app and REST API to load followers and friends and to stream tweets into my app for analysis.

Today I got 401 errors in my REST calls and to my shock the app had vanished from Twitters App Management page.

What’s happened?


When you’re logged in as @LoonReport and visit apps.twitter.com you can’t see any app listed?

It looks like there is an app associated with that account. If you are having issues then raise a support request at support.twitter.com - unfortunately we cannot deal with individual app issues in these forums.


Thanks for replying. When I browse to that URL today, I can see the app, yes.

I have just tried regenerating the token and syncing my system time. Unfortunately neither resolved the 401 errors.

I’ll raise a ticket on support.twitter.com

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