Heroku's primary IP addresses are being blocked by Twitter


Most requests from Heroku to Twitter are timing out. Heroku responded to my ticket with “It looks like Twitter has blacklisted some of our primary IPs. We’re working with them to get delisted but don’t have any ETA on when that might happen.”

You can see users discussing this issue here:

This is a critical issue for many businesses who are hosted on Heroku. Please resolve this ASAP. It is a critical issue for us and impacting all of our customers.


Do you have a list of possible affected IP addresses or a traceroute from an affected machine we could take a look at?


Per Heroku’s documentation “When running multiple dynos, apps are distributed across several nodes by the dyno manager. Access to your app always goes through the routers. As a result, dynos don’t have static IP addresses.”

Therefore it’s difficult for me to know which IPs are affected. I suggest you reach out to Heroku directly. You can reference my Heroku support ticket #94332. My contacts there have been Chris and Brett.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to facilitate communication between you guys. Is there someone at Twitter I can tell them to reach out to? If you make this discussion public, I can tell them to post here.


Definitely send folks you see with the problem here – when we have some specific IP addresses to look up I can try to help debug further.

Shared hosting scenarios can be problematic with API services like ours – it just takes a few (even one sometimes) bad apples to get an IP range temporarily blacklisted for abusive behavior.


Running into this issue with our app as well. This is keeping all users who signed up with Twitter from logging in. Very bad right now.


unfortunately probably having the same issue…


Twitter - any update on this? Heroku claims they are talking with you guys to resolve it. Why is this taking so long?




I believe Heroku is working with our operations team on this – from what I’ve heard it’s some kind of networking issue. I don’t have any other information to share unfortunately.


I was also receiving this issue locally testing some code.


@episod, are there any updates to this? Or is it still unreliable to use Twitter from a Heroku app?


@fatcatt316 This issue was resolved. Haven’t seen any problems hitting Twitter from Heroku in a while.


I just started getting these errors within the last 48 hours. They’re growing in frequency. I’m also hosted on Heroku.

Can I give you more details to help?


I just started experiencing the same problem today and have opened a support issue with Heroku.


I have been having problems similar to this and I am not deploying my app on heroku. It’s an app that returns the results of searched terms in tweets for a computer course I am doing that uses RSpec, and RSpec tests hiccup on this. I get an error that says:

Twitter::Error::ClientError in SearchesController#show
execution expired.