Help with Twitter feed via JSON?


I am currently working on a custom Twitter feed for my website. I am using a simple JavaScript/jQuery script and CSS to display and style the feed. I only want the latest tweet so that is why I am not using the Twitter Widget. The script I have works correctly, but I am unable to get ‘created_at’ to display to the visitor. I have provided my code below. Any help with adding the ‘created_at’ attribute and rendering the time and date correctly would be greatly appreciated.

<script src=""></script>
$.getJSON("[username_goes_here].json?count=1&include_rts=1&callback=?", function(data) {
<! -- Start of Twitter Feed -->
<p align="left">
<div class="tweetbox" style="float:left;">
<div style="float:right"><span style="font-size:8pt;font-weight:normal;"><a href="[username_goes_here]" target="_blank" class="twitterlink">@[username_goes_here]</a></span></div>
<p align="left">
&#160<p align="left">
<div id="twitter"></div>
<! -- End of Twitter Feed -->

Zachary (@zmcki001)