Help with replies, doesn't show on users timeline


My app is a bot that replies to every mention, and it works great in the beginning but after a few times the replies made by the bot stops to appear in the users timeline.

The 2400 limit tweets hasn’t been reach and the app only answer to mentions. I really need to fix this problem, please.


Replies doesn't show on user timeline

Please, is there any action that I need to perform to fix this problem?


Are the replies working properly? (in_reply_to_status_id set?)

If it was working, and then stopped - It may be that the anti-spam system is kicking in: Unsolicited @mentions - Account Restricted from performing write actions


Yes, the replies are working properly, but doesn’t show on the users timeline but it appears on the bot timeline.
It’s a frustrating situation because this was going to be a little game with the users so they can ask the bot and get a message, I think it’s not spam but probably Twitter think different.
This was going to be a week action and it only works properly for a few hours :frowning: