Help with chat app



My name is Vim and I’m from London. I’ve built a chat app which is effectively a basic WhatsApp for twitter.
It’s been over a year in the making and hopefully we’ll be releasing it within the next fortnight.

The app allows for one to one real time chat As well as group chats. It also allows users to send sound photo video and location.

I have a concern about the 100k token limit. I appreciate I’ve yet to launch but I’m eager to build my app in such a way that twitter likes.

From what I’ve written am I doing anything wrong?


The 100k token limit applies only to apps that reproduce or mimic the core Twitter client user experience (timeline etc). Beyond that, an app requiring more than a million tokens will need to contact us - this is all in the developer policy.

I’m not clear on what you are describing and how you would present the Tweets within the app, or how you would achieve one-to-one and group chats without using the DM API.

It doesn’t sound like there’s an issue, but if you want to share more details or ask about the policy we have a support form you can use.


Mr Piper,

Many thanks for replying. I do very much appreciate it. I don’t feel I was very clear in my previous email.

I’ve had an app designed which allow Twitter followers to chat to each other in real-team. Almost like a WhatsApp for Twitter. Users can login only through their Twitter credentials.

The app is a standalone app that lets users view the profiles and last 3 tweets of the person you are chatting to. When you do a couple of things on my app it’ll post to Twitter. Like a status or the starting of a group.

I’ve been round the houses with Twitter and am a bit relieved to find this forum. My main concern, my only concern is that I don’t want to do anything 1) to upset Twitter 2) have something with my app that limits it to only 100k tokens.

I hope this makes things a bit clearer. Mr Pipet would you still say I’m ok?


Vim @12x75


As I said previously and as it states in our developer policy - this 100K token limit is ONLY applicable to Twitter clients / apps that reproduce our core client experience.

Please feel free to send us more information via the form I linked to if you have additional policy concerns. This is the correct channel for API policy and rules questions.


Thanks for getting back to me Mr Piper - I’ll ping across my questions in the aforementioned form.

By any chance - is there a link to an actual list of what > Twitter Core Experiences are?




Good question. There’s no list broken out by line items - the basic principle is that if you’re building a Twitter client (timeline, posting, etc) then you’re in that category; if you’re displaying Tweets in a different context (eg. using Fabric to pull related Tweet content into an app about, say, a sports team) then that’s different.