Help with cards? "Card loaded successfully" but no image preview



Linking the main page at shows a default card, but not the individual image pages. We’ve gone over the meta tags and can’t figure out if this is on our end or Twitter’s. When sent through the validator tool, nothing comes up in the log, and descriptive metadata is there but the image preview does not show.

Example link:

* is whitelisted for summary_large_image card

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 19 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary_large_image tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully


No problems on the robots.txt, and we went through the troubleshooting tips for Cards in this community. We had Twitter cards working all along, but they broke sometime in October.


This is the image URL.

<meta name="twitter:image" content="">

I found this in the card validator JSON response.

"twitter:image:id": "Unknown aspect ratio",

Why can’t Twitter discover the image dimensions?


I’m seeing a read timeout on your domain (specifically for the crawler - from my client machine I can fetch things just fine). We updated our outbound IP addresses at the start of November, is there a chance that maybe the image server is blocking the Twitter card crawler via IP rather than in the robots file?

I don’t know where you’re seeing that response from the card validator, it does not show up on the validator page for me.


I’ve done a bit more digging here.

I’m seeing that if you specify (i.e. using http not https) as your image URL then this should work. I’ve asked the team to take a look into this as it is not ideal to have the image served over a non-HTTPS URL in this case, but hopefully that’s a workaround for now.


Actually with a bit more digging it seems that your images.nypl domain has issues with the TLS stack. Can you or your team review this report and look at updating to support a newer cypher suite? thanks.


very helpful, thank you!


Hi @andypiper .

I’m a developer working with @lolibrarian on fixing this.
Yesterday we switched a to using http, not https for our social image meta tags (our sys-eng team is working on updating our TLS stack). It’s certainly helped! So a hearty Thank you to both of you.

Using the validator (and twitter) we see many but not all cards preview successfully.
I’m hoping that once crawler’s cache clears - we’ll see more and more pages preview successfully.

Finally here’s some (unsolicited) feedback that could help us and probably others in the future.

Does the crawler that backs the validator tool observe the 7-day cache?
It may be helpful to say so on the validator site.
It would also be helpful to add verbose logging on the validator about why the default image was put up.
In our case, because of our outdated TLS stack.
I’m curious why the crawler on your localhost was able to hit our shoddy https URL but the production crawler couldn’t.

Finally - thank you both again!


Thanks, that’s all good feedback that I’ll pass on.

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