Help with API status issue "status contains malware" only when posting through API


I use the API to post status updates and I am getting the following error:

“Status contains maleware”

I know what this status means and I checked the sites. They are all good. I then tried to post the status update using the website and it works.

Why does the API reject the update but is ok when posting from the website ?

It should fail for both if it was finding the website as malware. Seems to be a bug with the API.

Any help.


I looked into this further and its only when using to shorten my links rather then relying on the to shorten it. If I don’t shorten it myself then the links work fine in the API.

Crazy stuff. Obviously a bug.


I am seeing the same problem. I was posting with URLs via the API and kept getting a “188: Status contains malware.” response. I stopped using and it worked.

It appears has had some suspicious activity, and as per Twitter’s guidelines for spam I checked and it says is safe but “Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 8 time(s) over the past 90 days.” I am assuming this is why twitter is currently blocking all URLs.


This is happening for us. For instance, a bitly shortened URL - - which links to[621][action]=details&jobId=21402 - is said to be malware.

I have checked on Google’s stop malware page, both links are not flagged.[621][action]=details&jobId=21402

Here is a screenshot:


the same problem came up today for me


We at @FriendsPlusMe have the same problem with shortened links. It’s a REAL problem. I’ve also filled spam report but so far no response.


same problem here


Started at about 4pm EST 2013/11/12 for me.


Are you still having this issue? Was this limited only to links for you?


The problem disappeared about an hour ago.