Help with Advertiser Access without exposing spends




This is in regards with the process of Advertiser access being granted to run campaign by a user account on behalf of advertiser.
We are aware about the current methods of advertising on behalf of advertiser:

  1. Advertiser (User) OAuth Token
  2. Developer OAuth Token (Ads Manager Role)

Is there a way to run campaign on behalf of advertiser without exposing the spends to advertiser? If there is a way to achieve this could you help with how this would work out.

Further Notes:
Current collateral links under the same topic are as follows

  1. API Document Relevant Docs: Obtaining Ads Account Access and Ads API 101
  2. TwitterCommunity Relevant Threads: Difference between using advertiser token and ad manager token, Using account to advertise on behalf of another, Need help with fine grained nuances of advertising on behalf of client and how do advertisers grant a given level of access
  3. Although there is available material in the same direction but it is not helpful in our case i.e. to run campaign on behalf of advertiser without exposing spends.
  4. We understand that for this to happens the funding account used for advertising would be of the ‘current user’ aka twitter user account rather than advertising account.


Hi @Piyush3hatt!

No, the advertiser must always have visibility into the budget and spend of their campaigns. Such transparency is also a requirement detailed in the Ads API partnership agreement.