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Hi, I’ve tried everything to get my Twitter Card Summary with Large Image to work: meta-tag plugin-OK; card validation-OK; robots.txt-OK. I still can’t get any of my cards to show up. What am I doing wrong or is there a threshold of tweets, retweets, followers that I need? Do I need to wait X hours for the Twitterbot to crawl my website? This is a new site that I’m testing so have no traffic yet. Can someone please help. Check any of my latest 20 tweets @postfactually. On web at:


So just like others on this forum I end up talking and replying to myself. I suppose one of the most frustrating things about Twitter Cards is that the behavior seems to be totally RANDOM. I try 100 post/tweets and I get no cards, then I try another and a card appears by MAGIC. No rhyme or reason. I try all settings, all different WP->Twitter plugins, I review the meta tags, I check the validator, I even check to see if the Twitterbot has visited my site in realtime, and I still cannot get my cards to appear CONSISTENTLY. Any ideas? Anybody out there (from Twitter)?


Well, replying to myself again… this time with possible resolution. Perhaps this will help someone else, though our situations are all different.

I create Twitter Cards via a Wordpress plugin. I’ve found that the message must contain a shortened URL. Typically the post-to-tweet contains: #title# #tags# #url#. If I leave out the URL the Twitter Card doesn’t get created; I only see a regular Tweet.

For those who use the WP to Twitter method I’ve found the best plugin to be “WP to Twitter”. It’s API based so you’ll need an app. I’ve tried other WP plugins, but this one seems to work consistently.


You do indeed need to include a URL in your Tweet for a card to appear - the URL itself must have the Twitter cards markup included.

In the case of some of the Tweets and URLs you’ve posted, the cards markup is generally invalid - e.g. run through the validator indicates that the twitter:description field is missing, and that is a required value for a summary large image card.

In terms of people available to help you, that varies with our own working patterns, so I can only apologise if you had to wait a few days for a response to your thread.


Thanks for confirming Andy! Now I can get more sleep at night. The older URLs that you checked did not contain valid meta-tags – those were prior to my adding the necessary markup plugin. Though, for some reason a few did in fact create Twitter Cards – no idea why. But these were mostly for testing anyway.


Hi Andy,

I am facing a problem. Kindly help. For one of our client website ( ) summary card with large image is not working. Saying the site is not whitelisted and it is not getting validated. I have added the meta fields which are required like title, meta desc, image etc.

Kindly help me to resolve the issue.


Sure, happy to help - please confirm you’ve reviewed our main troubleshooting post? It looks like you’ve not got a valid twitter:card value.

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