HELP - Tweet Box extra widget box error in Wordpress


Displayed on a website I’m working on:

Displays an extra box in the widget area on the right when viewing with Internet Explorer. I’ve looked with IE 8 and 9, but I’m thinking it’s the case for IE 6-9.

When you’re in compatibility mode, it kind of fixes the issue, using the "<!–[if IE X]> tags, which removes the extra box, using the specified size the box within the rule. However, I can’t count on my visitors using compatibility mode, of course. Had I not included those rules, the box shrinks and the Tweet Box becomes unreadable and unclickable.

Not sure how to work around this. Here’s the code I used:

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Any ideas?

I’d really appreciate any help fellow devs can offer :slight_smile:




ahhhh thanks


Umm, you’re welcome? Did you need the Tweet Box code lol?



Anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of the extra box that appears in IE under the Tweet Box at

Could really use the help, fellow devs :slight_smile: